Ritual Etiquette

The 2013 Fire procession, courtesy of K McCredie.

The 2013 Fire procession, courtesy of K McCredie.

The Beltane rite always takes part on the Saturday night of the Gathering. All attendees are welcome to watch or participate, provided they are mindful of a few simple things:

  • The Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering, including the ritual itself, is a family-friendly event.
  • Please take note of our No Weapons Policy (edged weapons such as athames, swords, spears and knives are not permitted), and courteous conduct expectation of all attendees.
  • While photography of all the other events at the Gathering is allowed, photographing, filming or recording of the ritual itself is strictly prohibited.
  • MFAPG Inc. Takes no responsibility or liability for those that cause problems or concerns across the Gathering weekend. Any troublemakers (this includes hecklers, disruptive persons and those deemed to be under the influnce of illicit substances) will immediately be asked to leave and pointed out to the local constabulary in extreme cases. We also take this opportunity to point out that attendees are expected to exercise magical hygiene and self responsibility.
  • The Pagan Awareness Network (PAN) have published some very useful pamphlets regarding safety in circle, as well as what to expect from pagan events. If you are new to paganism or to public gatherings, we recommend you have a peruse of them!

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