We are pleased to announce that registrations for 2017 are now open. To register for the Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering, you must first read and agree to our Conditions of Registration.

To register, go to the Conditions of Registration page, read the information there then click the link at the bottom of the page.

Non-registered attendees are still welcome at the Gathering, however they attend at their own risk and will not be covered by our public liability insurance.

Registration is only required if you are camping at the Mount for one or more nights. We do not require registrations for the general public or people sleeping off site.

Upon arrival at the Gathering, please report to the Organisers and sign in.

All attendees of the Gathering must familiarise themselves with the information presented on our FAQ, Camping at the Mount and Ritual Etiquette pages prior to attending.

– The Organisers



The 2010 Marquee goes up. Photo courtesy of Scarlett.

The 2010 Marquee goes up. Photo courtesy of Scarlett.